The Foundation for Beginners: The Ten Week Evening Course: Wednesday 11th September-Wednesday 27th November, 7.00pm-9.00pm

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The Foundation for Beginners: The Ten Week Evening Course: Wednesday 11th September-Wednesday 27th November, 7.00pm-9.00pm


Our beginners guide to floristry has been designed to give students a comprehensive insight into contemporary floral design and give students a hands on guide to entering the floristry industry. 

Our course provides students with the basic design principles in floristry, however we have a strong desire to teach students fashionable and up to date designs. While working with some truly beautiful flowers and foliage, Alicia will encourage everyone from an early stage to develop their own style and together she will encourage all students to reach their potential and beyond. 

There is a strong focus on colour calibrations and textures. You will work with the very best of flowers, locally grown and from Holland.

As well as individual practical work, we will work as a group to create large installations. There will be lots of photograph opportunities! 

As way as practical work there is a strong focus on theory too. We cover planning an event, budgeting, working with wholesalers and an introduction into creating your own business. 

Everyone is supplied with a Flourish Sussex Flower School notebook and a cut flower guide book.

Sessions 1-5

For the first five sessions students will create: hand tied bouquet, bridal posy, buttonholes, corsages and free flowing bouquet.

A cut flower book is given to all students for them to keep. We discuss flower availability and the importance of conditioning flowers. 

We will create a hand tied bouquet and students will learn to master the stem twist. We will then gift wrap the bouquet. Students will be shown a variety of gift wrap options.

We will turn to wiring and students will learn to wire buttonholes and corsages, as well as presenting them in a beautiful way for a wedding. Students will learn the traditional way of creating a buttonhole, as well as the garden style.

-Introduction to Wedding Work

Wedding work is such a large part of any floristry business. We will learn to create a posy for a bride. We will look at ways of wrapping the bouquet with ribbon and the varieties of ribbon that are available.

We will discuss planning for a wedding, looking at colour, design and proportion, ordering and costing, and how to reduce wastage. We will also give you an example of a bridal consultation and you will see examples of mood boards that are helpful when planning a wedding.

We will also look at using floral foam and eco friendly alternatives for an event.

We will create a free flowing bouquet for a bride, a popular design which has taken over the dated traditional wired shower bouquet.

From session 5-10 students will create a sympathy wreath, group table runner, Christmas table display and urn display.

Funeral work. We will discuss the importance of dealing with family members when they are grieving . We will look at the different displays that as a florist you can create for a funeral.

Students will be a shown a demonstration of how to create a double ended coffin spray.

Students will create a wreath of flowers.

We will then turn our hands to creating centre pieces for a table. Students will work as group to make a foam based table runner. Students will dress the table with t-lights and accessories as if it was a wedding.

We will give an introduction into running your own business, with a hand out containing how to create a business plan.

Students will also create as a group a Christmas table display. This is such a lovely part of the course, where students can make individual displays and then be creative together as a group.

We will create a urn display suitable for an event or church piece.

The course will finish with all students receiving a certificate and of course a glass of bubbly! 


  • 7.00pm-9.00pm

  • All materials included

  • Teas, coffee and sweet treats served throughout.

  • A hand cut flower book to keep.

  • A Flourish Sussex Flower School notebook.

  • The opportunity to become part of Flourish's community and join our private Facebook page where Alicia shares advice, design tips and posts videos of her designs.

  • Payment plans available, contact us for more details.

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