How to make a moss spring wreath!


Spring is such a favourite time of the year for me. I love seeing the little bulbs flowering, it feels me with excitement as I know Spring is on it's way!

I love making wreaths at any time of the year and these little moss based spring wreaths are a great, cheap and pretty arrangement that you can do at this lovely time of year. I made these with my kids. I love getting creative with my children and sharing with them my love of nature. These are quick and easy so let me show you how me and my boys created these little gems.



The first step is to get your tools ready. If you have ever made a Christmas wreath you will be using the same tools and materials to base your Spring wreath. I have used an 8 inch wire wreath frame, some strong binding wire and some florist scissors.



Next you want to take your moss and attach it to your wreath base in small ball like shapes. Keep going around it with your wire so it is completely covered.



Next you want to select, maybe from your garden, your flowers and foliage that you want to use. You don't need loads, as you still want to be able to see the moss underneath. I have chosen on this wreath to work with narcissus and primroses, rosemary, sage and a few sprigs from my olive tree.



You then want to arrange your flowers into small clusters with your foliage and then secure them to your wreath base with your wire. Place them where you want them and go around the frame with the wire until they are totally secure.



Once you have finished off your display it is time to add the ribbon. Take half of your ribbon under the frame to create a loop and then tie it at the top of the frame in a knot and then create a bow if you wish.



And there you have it! One spring moss wreath. A great little display to make with your children or to give as an Easter present.

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