One to One with Alicia

A big hello from Alicia! It's been a little while since I introduced myself, so I wanted to say a big hello to all our existing and new followers. I really hope you enjoy Flourish Sussex's page on both Facebook and Instagram. I set up the school to inspire others to become interested and fall in love with plants and flowers as much as I do, so a big thank you for following us. 


A bit about me!

I have been a florist for over fourteen years now. I live in Hurstpierpoint Sussex, with my three children, my husband and a sheepdog called Apple.  I have always loved nature and being outdoors. At school I was always drawn to the arts so it was a natural progression for me to end up doing something creative.

So how I got into floristry, I trained at a local college for two years. Although I learnt the basics here I felt it was restrictive and you very much had to stick to the rules of floristry. After this I headed to London where I trained at Jane Packer Flowers and McQueens. This was when my eyes were truly opened to the artistic world of floristry and my design head went crazy.

I set up a wedding and event business and did this for eight years until I became pregnant with my second son. The combination of early starts ,a toddler and a baby meant I had to let the business go and focus on my little family. 

I then went onto having a third baby, I like a challenge, and by the time my daughter turned one I began to dream of flowers, colours and designing again. My creative side was itching to get out again so I enrolled in further training at Tulipina Design and decided to bite the bullet and open my own flower school.


Flourish Sussex Flower School opened last October and the last ten months have been some of the most rewarding and fun times of my career.



I wanted to open a Sussex flower school where artistic designs was at the heart of it. Although we cover the basics in floristry, there is a strong focus on colour and design. We want students to find their own style early on and not feel restricted by traditional rules. We are constantly coming up with new and opulent designs that I get very excited about teaching in our classes.

We are also teaching students alternative methods to using floral foam. Floral foam is non biodegradable product that is used in the floral industry. Florists tend to use it to secure flowers in arrangements. But in recent years there has been a shift to stop using this product, something that I really welcome. I have never been a fan of it and have always prefered using chicken wire or floral frog pins, so this is an area I really enjoy teaching our students about.

For flower arrangers or for people who have never done floristry before we offer taster classes including: 'Posy & Prosecco', 'Vase to Table', 'Masterclass Hand- Tied', 'Flowers for the Home', 'One Day Masterclass' Then we have more specialist courses if you want learn something specific such as 'Introduction to Wedding Flowers' 'Two day Wedding Flowers', 'Sympathy Designs', 'Large Scale Displays'. Then we have our career courses coming this September. These are split into beginners, intermediate and advanced. Our career courses run both in the evening and day to fit around people with busy schedules. Fancy becoming a sussex florist? Why not give it go!


So a big thank you to all of you for your support. I love what I do and it's been so wonderful meeting some many flower enthusiasts over the last ten months. If you would like to keep up to date with what is going at the school and all the latest offers simply sign up to our monthly newsletter.



To check out all of our floral workshops that we run at our studio in Sussex please visit our workshop page and we hope to see you soon.